In August of 1995, Pastor Antoine M. Barriere accepted the call of God to serve a community plagued with violence, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, and substandard housing. Pastor and First Lady Barriere’s love for mankind and concern of the needs of God’s people inspired them to adopt the motto “the house that reaches out to your home with love”.

Dedication services commenced with a three-night tent revival in October of 1995. During the dedication services, 327 souls committed their lives to Christ. One week after opening, Household of Faith added a second Sunday morning worship service and several community outreach ministries. It had just begun!!

Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, HOF purchased a 1,200 seat tent and it was at that moment that we became "1 church and a tent location". For almost one year consistently, Household of Faith held worship service, bible study, and community outreaches from its tent location. Our tent was located in the heart of one of the community’s most impoverished housing developments—the St. Thomas Housing Project. From one location, to a tent location, and now 3 locations ministering to more than 4,000 people weekly, HOF truly reaches out to all families with love. "We are Building Believers Who Worship Christ Strong in Faith Family and Finances all to fulfill the Word of God!

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