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(One man preaching One message)
Antoine M. Barriere is the senior pastor of the Household of Faith Family Worship Church International in the state of Louisiana. Household, as the ministry is called, has 3 ever increasing worship service locations. The “hub” or the home church located at 630 Jackson Ave, the “big” church located at 9300 I-10 Service Road in New Orleans East and the “baby” of the three, 2074 Paxton St. in Harvey on the Westbank.

Pastor Barriere teaches with such simplicity that everyone get's a clear understanding no matter what age classification you fit into. From youth to senior citizen, all will be able to understand the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Having started its’ ministry in 1995, Household of Faith under the leadership of one Antoine M. Barriere has fed the multitudes, clothed the naked, helped the poor, housed the needy, reunited husbands and wives, restored families, empowered financial freedom, educated our children, embraced singles, and helped lead many, many, many to Christ. He is a true example of the extreme love of Christ and shares it with everyone he comes in contact with.

When asked, who is Pastor Barriere, it’s simply stated that he is the man next door that helps you with your car, lends a helping hand that will lift you up out of your despair, and the confidant who you can share anything with. He is a teacher, preacher, and evangelist recognizable through his works and not just words. Pastor Barriere, is a husband of one, Dale M, a great father of three, Antoine, Trinity and Heaven and a best friend anyone could ever have.

1st Lady

Dale M. Barriere, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, is a renowned Entertainment Promoter by profession, but a strong leader and philanthropist who demonstrates God's love to others.

As a minister of the Word of God, First Lady Barriere, affectionally known as "First", has an incredible influence in both ministry and the entertainment industry. She serves as the owner and president of Barriere Enterprise Inc., one of only a hand full of female owned marketing and entertainment promotion agencies in the country. First is also the founder of the Sisters by Faith Ministry, during which she empowers and encourages the women of Household of Faith Family Worship Church International to be better mothers, daughters, wives and women of purpose.

Above everything she has accomplished, keep in mind she considers supporting her husband in ministry and raising God-fearing children her primary calling. Dale Barriere is a woman of faith, purpose and determination that’s been called to live a life that’s holy and acceptable to God.